Friday, February 02, 2007

Peace rally at the gates of Fort Benning

On Saturday, January 27th, everyone who had come to Columbus for the trial, including defendants, supporters, the legal team, and the SOA Watch staff, wanted to participate in a small demonstration to coincide with the larger one in Washington, D.C.
Our fun activity for Friday night had been sign making. We were given posterboard and markers. Our messages were as varied as we were, as can be seen by the above picture.
The military police were not thrilled with us, but they could do very little since we were not on Fort Benning property, and they did not have jurisdiction over us. They did, however, send for the Columbus police, who sent two officers. They spoke with members of our legal team and left, which made the military police even less happy. A number of people who drove into Fort Benning showed their support of our calls for the troops to be removed from Iraq with horn honks and waves.
In addition to the signs calling for the Iraq war to end, we also carried a large banner reading, "Close the SOA," to remind people of why we had come to Columbus, Georgia, two months after the November vigil.

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