Friday, February 02, 2007

Father Roy Bourgeois and Gail Phares

Father Roy Bourgeois chats with Gail Phares of Witness for Peace shortly after his return from a whirlwind trip to Colombia, Panama, and Nicaragua.
At the Sunday evening Festival of Hope, he talked his journey.
"I experienced fear of the empire in Colombia. I talked about our movement in solidarity with them (the Colombians). They are hearing about people confronting nonviolently el empirio (the empire). They send love and el abrazos (hugs) to the SOA 16 and to all. They know that we're here, walking in solidarity with them.
"We don't need guns and commandos. We need health care, schools, and hospitals," Father Roy said. He also talked about creating symbols of hope... Project Mariposa... to put butterflies on buildings and in parks...

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